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Simple One-Touch Welding Holder KS-400A / 600A
Model Name Use cable (SQ) Size
KS-400A 16~25 SQ 233×30 mm
KS-600A 25~35 SQ 247×32 mm
  • The world's first product.
  • Domestic/international patent.
  • Simple and easy assembly.
  • Allow you to connect a holder with a cable in the simple, easy and fast away. (Take about 3sec.)
  • No required any tools such as hex wrench and bolts.
  • Fully insulated, high strength spring for excellent gripping power heavy-duty.
How to use
1. Remove (peel off) the cable cover along the line (about 3cm) marked on the holder handle and attach the plastic washer on the holes as shown in the picture above. 2. Slightly rotate the handle and put on the holder, and push in the cable up to the end of the inside tightly. 3. Turn the handle toward the lock position and lock at the state where the cable entered up to the inner-end of the gap
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