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Pipe threading machine KSU N100A[4"]
Heavy duty Pipe threading machine Fulfilled the accuracy, Safety and economical.
  • Quick-change pipe cutter
    increases work efficiency
  • Built-in toll box is convenient for on-site work
  • Large-capacity scrap catcher
  • Specifications
    Capacity ½ - 4" (Threading. Cutting. Reaming)
    Volatage AC 220 V (60Hz)
    Motor Single-phase 1100 W condenser motor
    Rotation Speed 3 step : 12, 23, 40 r.p.m
    Net Weight 159 kg (350 lbs)
    Dimension 940 (L) × 640 (W) × 620 (H)mm
    ½”~2” Self-opening die head (1SET), 2½“~4” Profiling die head (1SET)
    ☞ Votage made to order
    Efficient 3-speed transmission makes the work go faster Threading size, thread length, and microfine adjustment of thread diameter can all be adjusted easily
    Apply special alloy steel. Use notch profiling die head has low cutting resistance for optimum threading of large-diameter pipes. (Self-lubri casting die head)
    Only 100 seconds to make a perfect 4" pipe taper thread
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