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■ Products > Pipe spring cleaner
Drain cleaner (Motor type) KS-650, 700, 1000
  • Convenience in transportation; Good portability.
  • The heat treated spring of high strength offers safety and good workability.
  • By applying the all-in-one frame body in the gravity casting type, the product is sturdy yet light.
Providing flexibility in cleaning of drain pipes
    by using springs in different diameters.
Handle-lock device
Patented Jaw Clamp System
    Central Locking Device
    Enabling the central force to be moved directly
    with the highly functional safety spring
Applied with low-friction timing belt and toothed
    driving axis in high quality aluminum.
    Optimum force transmission function and
    anti-skid function for driving axis.
Cover for noise suppression and protection
    against foreign materials.
    Offering protective function for parts and
    against short circuit.
Applied with the proven forward/reverse
    rotation type motor.
    Stable rotational speed and generating
    powerful torque.
Model KS-650 KS-700 KS-1000
Capacity Ø20~100mm
Usable wire Ø16, Ø22
Standard Acc Straight , Funnel Head
Motor Single-phase 300W
series motor
Single-phase 420W
series motor
Single-phase 750W
series motor
Weight 18.5kg 19.5kg 25kg
Dimensions (L)420 mm × (W)200 mm × (H)500 mm
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